How To Find And Rent Apartment In The UK -

How To Find And Rent Apartment In The UK

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How to find and rent apartment, flat or house to rent in the United Kingdom

If you decide to immigrate to the UK, one of the most important things is finding accommodation and work. Finding accommodations can often be more difficult than finding a job, especially if you are thinking of renting a home while you are in your home country. This is almost impossible. If you have no acquaintances in England to meet you and shelter for a week, two or three, you will have to deal with finding a home yourself. Possibly during this time, you will have to take advantage of the hotel services.
If you are already in the UK and have settled somewhere temporarily, it is good to find accommodation as quickly as possible.

There are two types of rentals available:

  1. Private rentals, through individual landlords.  Read a full list of rights and responsibilities when renting directly from a landlord in the UK.
  2. Rentals through a letting agency

If you decide to use the services of a real estate agency, finding a home is almost impossible. The checks made by agencies in the United Kingdom to rent you is the same as when they approve of buying a home with credit. There are some conditions that prospective tenants must have fulfilled in order to get their lodgings.

To rent a home it is necessary to provide references from a previous landlord, a labor contract, bank statements for at least the last three months, you should find a guarantor who will be asked to pay the rent if you cannot at any given time. Accordingly, the guarantor must also provide a copy of the employment contract, personal documents, and references. If you do not have all of this, some of the real estate agencies can offer you a six-month rental fee in advance, plus a deposit, and do not forget the agency fee, which in most cases is about 300-400 pounds per family.

Of course, you can also rent a home from a private landlord. Private landlords advertise their homes for rent on sites like:

But be careful you can easily fall victim of fraud and stay out of money.

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