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Lifestyle In The United Kingdom

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Lifestyle in the United Kingdom

click A move to the United Kingdom may be triggered by a desire for a change in lifestyle: a long awaited opportunity to change pace, improve the quality of life, spend more time with loved ones, or explore new ventures.

The rich heritage and diverse landscape of the country allow for a wide range of activities, from visiting historic monuments to exploring the many and varied elements of the British countryside.

For many it is the vibrant, cosmopolitan nature of the bigger cities that hold the most appeal.

Windsor Castle, The River Thames, Oxford, Henley and Wentworth are just a few of the attractions the region has to offer. With an exclusive range of golf clubs, health spas and numerous outdoor activities for all the family you won’t have to travel far from home to enjoy days out.

The diversity of arts, cultural and culinary delights make the region well geared to meet the needs of its expatriate residents and with London only a quick train ride away, you’ll have even more options of things to do and see.

The Thames Valley is one of the few regions in the UK where it really is possible to live and work in a picturesque setting. Almost half of the region is made up of areas of outstanding natural beauty, tucked away from the noise and environmental pollution of a big city.

The state schools perform consistently well and a selection of esteemed international and private schools give you all the choices you could possibly want for your children’s education. The region’s universities also provide an extensive range of academic and commercial courses at some very prestigious establishments, catering for all interests and skills.

Finally let us not forget to mention that a full range of services from medical clinics, hospitals, and physicians are on hand to support your family’s health and well being as it is needed. It’s a great and safe place to bring up your family!

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