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United Kingdom Education System

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 United Kingdom Education System

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In the UK, education is compulsory for pupils aged 5 to 16 years. There are two types of schools that are funded by the state: Local Education Authority Schools and Grant Maintained Schools (independent, mostly private). The school year is divided into three periods: І term – September to December; Second term – from January to March; Third term – from April to June. It is recommended that students begin their studies at the beginning of the term.


Primary Schools teach children aged 5 to 11 who are divided into age classes and study general subjects. Students receive primary education.
In Secondary Schools, the age of the students is 11-18 years.
The first level of secondary education is conducted under the GCSE program, which lasts for two years and includes the study of 5 to 8 general subjects. Preferred subjects in most schools are English, Mathematics, History or Geography, Arts and Sciences / Physics, Chemistry, Biology /.
At the end of the second year, state exams are being held. For successful endorsers, scores with scores from A to G are accepted, U score is low and is considered to be absent from the exam.
During the last two years of secondary education, students continue their studies at the A – levels (Advanced Level), which is required for admission to English universities.
The training is profiled according to the interests of the students and their future professional orientation. Specialized programs are in business, natural sciences, humanities, linguistics or arts programs.

The training is based on the following scheme:

AS (Advanced Subsidary) – Five subjects for A-levels are selected in the first year. At the same time, pupils receive a certain qualification in the chosen area and basic training on the subjects.
A2 – In the second year of A-levels, students choose which objects to drop out of their program. They specialize closely in studying the other three subjects, which they make written examinations at the end of the year. A State Commission accredited by the UK Department of Education evaluates written papers. The results obtained can be applied at any university


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